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Hard covers also are made to fold up in sections for access.

Ford Commercial Trucks. With a towing guide and a Commercial Connection newsletter, truckers who consider a Ford commercial truck won't be sorry. In addition, Ford Commercial Trucks has a web site that makes learning about and buying Ford Trucks even easier. He also informed me that the truck passed the same rigorous truck durability testing cycle that all Fords trucks are put through to determine its capabilities. Let me review this one ½ ton F-150 that can tow 11,000 pounds. I get nervous when I hear about a ½ ton truck capable of towing 11,000 pounds, don't you? The truck might be able to tow 5,340 pounds, but if the receiver is rated for 5,000 pounds that's the most you can tow. So our truck can tow 5,340 pounds before it exceeds the GCWR. If you go to a set of scales and weigh the fully loaded truck and the fully loaded trailer it cannot exceed the GCWR of the tow vehicle. The additional options you want on your truck like the bed liner, brush guard and side steps added 150 pounds, again being conservative. Out of those 56 configurations of F-150 trucks you now have one to choose from. You want to buy an F-150 to tow a Recreation Vehicle. Even with the higher GCWR this truck can't tow 11,000 pounds, at least not mathematically. So if we take the GCWR minus the vehicle curb weight (the actual weight of the truck, less passengers and cargo) we know how much weight the truck can tow. Ford advertises a tow rating of 11,000 pounds and Toyota advertises a tow rating of 10,800. The Ford F-150 in question has a 5.4L V-8 engine with 300 horsepower @ 5,000 RPM and 365 lb-ft @ 3,750 RPM. I found it interesting that in 2004, 2005 and 2006 the highest tow rating for an F-150 was 9,900 pounds. Early on, this year, Toyota stated this half-ton truck would have tow ratings of 10,000+ pounds. Ten days later I received a response from the Ford Motor Company Customer Relationship Center regarding the maximum trailer weight of a 2007 Ford F-150. 

There are also soft covers which are usually lower priced.

The two broad types of covers are hard and soft covers. Don't forget too that a bed cover can reduce drag as your truck goes down the road and may improve your fuel mileage. Choosing a truck bed tonneau cover is tough because there are so many choices. Truck Bed Tonneau Cover - One Type Can Be a Disaster. Truck bed covers can be a great asset to your truck. There are more soft covers by different manufacturers than any other type of tonneau. These covers are usually the higher priced lids. Tilting covers turn truck beds into locked, secure vaults, difficult for even the most determined thief to penetrate. See, with a tilting type tonneau cover, the bed of your truck becomes almost like a huge, locking trunk. my. The tradeoff is the added security of the fiberglass covers, which will have a keyed locking mechanism and more sturdy construction. It is of the retractable tonneau cover class and gives you the option of the standard M series or the electric E series cover. And, while imparting an individualized style to the truck, a rugged fiberglass top also delivers a high level of security. When it comes to price, most fiberglass truck tops cost at least $500. The TruXedo TruXport Roll-Up is a heavy-duty tarp meant for the entire truck bed. The design is smooth which takes away from the covered wagon look of other tonneau covers. The frame and tarp backed by a hassle-free Lifetime Warranty, which makes your quality truck bed cover, as always, a product you can trust. The cover installs very quickly and easily in fifteen minutes with an easy clamp-on design instead drilling which takes longer. They're constructed of materials that provide a smooth, sleek appearance and easily match most truck bed liners. If you're building a show truck or don't haul large loads, a hard-top tonneau makes the perfect finishing touch to your exterior. Today, there are two main varieties- hard-top and soft-top tonneaus-with each offering unique benefits that make them suited to a variety of different needs. Get much needed information, reviews and find out the best place to buy a truck bed cover online. The bulk of the canister sits under the truck bed cover leaving a completely flat surface on top of your truck bed. These covers are probably the best looking and weather tight. Click the following link for much more Information and Reviews on Tonneau Covers. So when you are buying a truck bed cover for your truck, buy one which has got the lowest weight and you will want it to be durable, so a better quality cover would benefit you by lasting longer. These organisations conduct such studies by using various types of tonneau covers. When the back of the truck is covered with a cover that allows air to enter but restricts the air from leaving easily, what I am trying to say, if trapped air cannot escape from it then it will create some drag as a result of which more power will be required for the truck in order to move.

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These covers have also been proven to increase fuel efficiency.

So, when the weight of the tonneau cover is reduced less amount fuel will be needed. If you use a lighter cover like the models made of fabric then there will be less load for the truck to pull. Covers made of fabrics are light weight and can help you to save fuel.Benefits of Tonneau Covers During Winter. Beyond the functional benefits of a tonneau cover they make the truck overall appearance improved, making a truck have a more sporty look. An investment in a cover could result in a nice savings when it comes to fuel costs, especially with rising gas prices. This is one of several reasons that the growth in demand for tonneau covers has increased. A small investment in a tonneau cover could actually make a big savings in the fuel costs. Not only do these covers have a high utility value but they also make a great value addition to the overall look of a truck. There are lightweight roll back covers that you could pull back on your own without looking around for help. Along with protection these covers offer other benefits as well. Slide the bed cover forward into a storage canister. Of course retractable covers aren't the only choice. His website at offers some valuable information about pick-up trucks and the most popular accessories, not only for the best dollar for dollar buys, but the best products over all, regardless of price. For a shoe string budget, soft vinyl covers are more appropriate. If you want your truck to appear modern and classy, then a fiberglass cover is just for you; fiberglass is the only material that can be perfectly customized. On the contrary, in regions where the weather conditions are unpredictable and harsh, a hinged hard topper would be more appropriate. Soft tops, on the other hand, will not be able to provide high-end security; they can be easily open with the help of sharp-edged objects. The first thing that you need to do is to find out that reason because different truck covers serve different purposes, and a good topper is one that fulfills all your requirements. Why do you need a pickup bed cover? If you are intending to enhance the looks as well as usefulness of your truck, then a tonneau cover is the best available option. Get bike racks for trucks to protect expensive bikes and your truck bed paint too. Consider soft covers if you want to spend just a little.